Instead of food, A 4-year-old boy sent messages to Zomato asking for toys. What happened next left the internet flowing with love.

Zomato Sends Surprise To Their Little Customer

Kid Requests Gift To Zomato (Trending News)

Online food delivery apps have made the life of food lovers a lot easier. Spot the favorite dish in 30 minutes. For foodies, it is nothing short of a dream. Recently, due to a child, it has been proved that more than food can be found through food delivery apps.

It happened that Irshad, a resident of Mumbai, ordered food from Zomato. Irshad’s son also sent his remaining wishes to Zomato via SMS.

Many people have said this tweet as ‘cute’, but no one has ever thought that Zomato will fulfill the wish of this child. Irshad told another tweet that Zomato sent a Surprise for his son.

Zomato is appreciating what he did for his small customer.


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