The new year has started, we all must have chosen our goals this year like every year (Healthy People 2020 Goals). Some goals will be related to our profession, some to life achievement and some to our dreams. In the goals of the new year, you must have made a plan to do something for your family and it is natural to have a plan to go somewhere. But the most important goal should be for our health. How should we take care of our health by taking time out from the busy schedule, we should make this plan first because all other work is related to our health. Therefore, health should be our first priority.

What May Be The Goals Of Healthy People In 2020

We are talking here about some important points that by adopting this new year, we can change not only our health but our life. These are small habits that we should change, so let’s talk about these small changes:

Healthy People 2020 Objectives

  • 10 Thousand Steps Everyday Walk – Most of our work nowadays is constantly sitting. We spend the whole day in offices in a chair. Initially, though it does not show its effect, over time, the body starts to get dirty which takes the form of serious diseases. Our body starts accumulating fat. First, it starts growing in the stomach, waist, thighs and then in other parts of the body. By sitting for long periods of time, our body’s digestive system starts getting weak. This new year we should take a pledge to walk. Nowadays smartphones have a lot of applications that give us information about the physical activity of the day. Some apps are like Google Fit, Huawei Health, etc. which tell us the record of our physical activities. Apart from this, we can also use health gadgets. Therefore, we should resolve to walk 10,000 steps per day so that our body remains healthy.
  • Avoid Pollution – Indian cities are leading other cities in the world in terms of pollution. India has a long list of cities in the world’s most polluted cities, so it is clear that we are spending our lives in polluted cities. Everyday pollution is accumulating in our body and is causing diseases like cancer. Therefore, this new year should also be resolved to protect against pollution. By taking some precautions we can prevent pollution to a great extent such as:

Purpose Of Healthy People 2020

– Use pollution masks.
– Avoid getting stuck in traffic.
– Do not keep the glass of the car open.
– Do not burn or waste plastic waste.
– Spread awareness about pollution.

  • Avoid Junk Food – Junk food should be avoided. It is processed food that affects the digestive system of our body and also imbalances the nutrients. In Ayurveda, junk food is considered as poison for our bodies. We have to get into the habit of using homemade food to avoid eating junk food. According to the advice given by doctors, morning breakfast should be heavy, lunch should be limited and dinner should be digestible and light. Therefore, this new year, we should completely abandon junk food and take a nutritious diet prepared at home.
  • Drink More Fluids – Due to the busy schedule, we are not able to drink water as required by our body. Or rather, we forget to drink health-enhancing beverages like fruit juice, coconut water, water, etc. except tea or caffeine which is harmful to our health. Due to this habit, our body faces the problem of dehydration. According to medical science, a healthy human being should drink 3-5 liters of water or other beverages in 24 hours. Therefore, in this new year, we should take a pledge that we will drink water continuously throughout the day and other healthy beverages at-least once in a day.
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  • Play at least one Sport – After the age of study and sports, our life turns towards a profession. We start thinking about making money and progress only. Our brain gets entangled in work and our life starts to pass around a job. At least 25-30 years of our life pass in our profession and becoming a master in that profession. We become hungry to earn money, we start forgetting small tips on living life. Sports is one of those tips. We should always play at least one sport to get a healthy body. It is not easy in a busy life but on weekends we can make it possible. We can play games like badminton or volleyball everyday. Joining a club is the easiest way to do this, it is the most efficient way to keep our body fit.

Infographic Examples 2020 Health Objectives And Goals

What May Be The Goals Of Healthy People In 2020


  • Eat Healthily – Food affects the most on our body, this can be positively or negatively. We need to improve our food habits for better health. We have to choose food full of nutrients. We should also see whether food is harmful to our health or is allergic. Thus we have to move towards a balanced diet which can provide all the necessary nutrients to our body. This new year we have to make this decision for our health which is one of the most necessary changes.
  • Stop worrying and overthinking – “It is said that worry is the door of the pyre”, so this new year we have to make the first goal not to worry before setting any other goal. It is not easy at all, but it is not impossible either. When faced with any problem, we need to learn to plan to overcome it instead of worrying. And this habit has to be incorporated into our behavior. Sharing your troubles with your peers or family is an effective recipe for reducing anxiety. Therefore, we should keep the goal of living a worry-free life this new year.Also read: Yoga Poses For Back Pain
  • Alcohol-Free Weekends – We often feel stressed due to the busy life, and try to reduce that stress by having an alcohol party on weekends. Most of today’s youth have the illusion that drinking alcohol relieves stress whereas the truth is that alcohol only reduces the brain’s ability to think. It is an addiction that gradually becomes a habit that takes the form of alcohol addiction further. On weekends, the liquor party is a waste of not only health but also hard-earned money. In this new year, we should pledge to completely control it while reducing liquor parties on weekends.


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