The Great Stupa of Sanchi

In Madhya Pradesh India, Sanchi is a small village in district Raisen situated on the banks of Betwa river. It is located 28 miles in the east from Bhopal. Many Buddhist monuments here were built between the ages from 12th century BC to 3rd century BC. There are many Stupas but No.2 Stupa is the largest among them. Sanchi Stupa is built by the great Ashoka in 3rd century BC. There are many Torans also built around the Stupa. The Stupa is believed as a symbol of Love, Peace and Courage. The magnificent archway and the world famous sculptures are the best examples of ancient architecture and sculpture of India.


Specialty of Sanchi Stupa

A large number of Buddhists, tourists, researchers, scholars from all over the world come to see this unmatched structure. Specially after 1989 when this Stupa included in UNESCO world heritage sites. This Stupa is built on a high hill. There is a beautiful orbiting path around it. There is also a semi-circular brick-built structure in its center, in which some of the relics of Lord Buddha were kept.

There are wonderfully marked sculptures on each Toran which are related to stories of Buddha’s life. Relevance of all forms of ancient Indian life are wonderfully explained through those sculptures. The statue of Gautam Buddha is not found in these sculpture because at that time Lord Buddha wasn’t worshiped as statue in the form of deity.


The Purpose of Stupa related with Buddhism

The main purpose of Stupas is believed as spread of Buddhism. Buddhism is around 2500 years ancient religion which is actually related to the interpretation of life cycle. That interpretation explained through sculptures on Stupas and Torans. The exact reason behind those Stupas is hidden in history of Great Ashoka.

History of Building Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi was a suburban city of Vidisha which was the sumptuous city of Prince Siddharth Gautam Buddha. In the propagation of Buddhism and its teachings, Sanchi Stupa was founded by the great King Ashoka. He started spreading Buddha’s message to the world under a well planned campaign. First of all he gave government protection to Buddhism. He started building Stupas in large number as stronger permanent structures so that they can last longer. Sanchi was also one of the places where Ashoka built Buddhist monuments in India.


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