Shockingly, haters of Vijay has started a new hashtag #RIPactorVIJAY which is currently trending on Twitter. This is fake news and South superstar Vijay is absolutely fine.

#RIPactorVIJAY Trends on Twitter

Social media is also used to spread negativity, in addition to good reasons. Many times the rumors of the death of actors also become viral on social media. There is a similar rumor on the social media about the South Actor Vijay.

#RIPactorVIJAY Trends on Twitter- South Superstar Vijay Fake Death News!

The fake news of the death of the actor spread so fast that many fans are in shock. #RIPactorVIJAY is trending on Twitter. Vijay fans are afraid of this negativity spreading against the actor.

Vijay is the big star of the South Film Industry. Many of his films have been hit back to back. In the last few years, Vijay has achieved tremendous success worldwide. Vijay’s upcoming film Bijil also has a lot of discussions. Meanwhile, the actor’s heater has spread the news of his death.

The news of Vijay’s death was first being shocking for the fans. Later, after knowing the reality, Fans’ anger is on the seventh sky. However, some people are suddenly surprised by the trend of this hashtag.

I got very tensed while seeing #RIPactorVIJAY Tag 😡

Who are all doing this?

Don’t do like this be like a human being not like a human shit 🤧

Totally disgraceful!!!

— Queen Piumi (@PiumiHansamali_) July 29, 2019

For the comfort of the fans, Vijay is absolutely healthy and fit. Now more than 50 thousand tweets have been made under #RIPactorVIJAY. People are asking who is doing this trend … stop this hashtag.

Actor Vijay is playing the role of a football coach in his next film Bigil. AR Rahman has given the music of the film. Vijay’s look posters have reveled in Bigil. Their looks are very much liked.


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