Ranu Mondal Biography

Biography of Ranu Mondal: Recently you must have seen an old woman singing a song. Then whether you saw it in a reality show or a video of his recording studio. All these videos have become viral on the Internet and Social Media Platforms very soon.

That is why this old lady has emerged as a Singing Star overnight. By the way, we all have to agree that if anyone has talent, then nothing can stop you from becoming famous. Then why are you not from any background.

Today, I am talking about is Ranu Mandal. Recently, Ranu Mondal has become so much popular on social media, so you will not get to read or hear much about them on the Internet.

So today I am going to tell you about the biography of this great singer Ranu Mondal so that all of you will get to know them better. Then let’s go ahead.

Ranu Mondal Biography [Wiki]

Ranu Mandal is an Indian singer. Those born in a poor family in Ranaghat town, West Bengal. However, due to their poor economic condition, they had to stay at the railway station first. While there she used to go through singing Hindi songs.

Later when Ranu Mandal went viral in social media, impressed by her singing, Bollywood famous artist and singer Himesh Reshammiya gave her a chance to sing a song in his film Happy Hardy and Heer which made her famous very soon. So let’s get some information about the biography of Ranu Mandal.

Name Ranu Mondal
Real Name Ranu Maria Mandal
Nickname Ranu Bobby
Profession Singer
Favorite Singer Lata Mangeshkar
Date of Birth 10 October 1959
Age 60 Years
Marital Status Married
Husband Bablu Mondal
Children One Daughter
Religion Christian
Educational Qualification Yet to be updated
Hobby Music And Singing
Place of Birth Krishnanagar Nadia West Bengal India
Current City Ranaghat Nadia West Bengal India
Nationality Indian

What is the real name of Ranu Mondal?

If you also want to know the real name of Ranu Mandal like others then the answer is Ranu Maria Mandal.

Yes, friends, Ranu Mandal with a very magical voice is from Ranaghat, West Bengal. By the way, it is still not officially known what is the real name of Ranu Mondal.

At the same time, some media reports also claim that Ranu real name is Renu Ray. Ranu Mondal used to sing songs in a club earlier when people knew her as Ranu Bobby. That’s why this name became more popular.

Ranu Mondal Biography - Journey From Railway Station To Bollywood

How was Ranu Mondal Previous Life?

If you want to know about Ranu Mandal past life, then you have to read this article carefully.

By the way, Ranu was married to a person named Bablu Mondal. At that time, she was young. But after marriage, Ranu Ji surname changed to Mondal.

Where Ranu Ji lived in West Bengal before marriage, Ranu Ji shifted to Mumbai with her husband after marriage. She life was going well. Since she was interested in singing, she started singing in a club. She was familiar with Bobby’s name.

But in the midst of this prosperity, a very sad incident happened, when her husband died suddenly. Due to this, there was a sudden earthquake in his good life.

Then, because her financial situation was not good, she decided that she would return to her village Ranaghat. She did the same thing. Together Ranu Ji made his voice his strength and also the means of livelihood.

Despite suffering so much from poverty, she never let the passion of his songs separate from her. She had made the railway station her home, while she used to sing songs for the people and in exchange for whatever food, drink or money she received, she accepted them with pleasure.

Which is the first song of Ranu Mondal?

Ranu Mandal’s first recorded song is “Teri Meri Kahani”. She has recorded this song with music director Himesh Reshammiya. This song is from the film Happy Hardy and Heer.

Ranu Mondal Biography

How Ranu Mondal came in contact with Himesh Reshammiya?

First, a 26-year-old software engineer named Atindra Chakraborty, first heard Ranu Ji singing a song by Mohammed Rafi Saheb. Then he liked it so much that he recorded Ranuji’s song and uploaded it on social media, which later became quite viral.

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Ranu Mondal Biography

The song was “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai”. When it became so much viral, then perhaps Himesh Ji, like everyone else, must have heard that song of Ranu Mandal.

At the same time, when he got this choice, he thought of giving Ranu a chance in his film. Which later was also a very correct decision.

Who first uploaded the voice of Ranu Mandal to Social Media?

Atindra Chakraborty is the person who has shown the diamond by extracting it from the coal mine. Atindra Chakraborty at Ranaghat station was the first one to make a video of Ranu Mandal’s song “Ek Pyar Ke Nagma Hai” from his mobile and uploaded it on Facebook (social media). This video went viral on social media on 21 July.

At the same time, it became so viral that it kept the whole world of Ranu Mandal overturned.

Ranu Mondal Video Song

No song has been released by Ranu Mondal yet. As soon as a music video is uploaded to YouTube, we will upload it on this page. Till then you stay connected with us like this

Ranu Mondal New Look

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Ranu Mondal Biography



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