Obesity Increases Due To Depression And Stress

Due To Stress And Depression, Increases Risk Of Obesity

A Recent research has found that obesity is increasing in people due to depression. In the past, many victims of depression in many Bollywood celebrities have seen increased weight. You must have seen around you that when people take more stress, their weight starts moving slowly. There is a deep connection between depression and obesity. Actually, it is seen that when depression or stress occurs, the personal accounts for more than usual, due to which the weight increases. Apart from this, if a person is obese, he may also have depression due to obesity, that is, both depression and obesity promote one another.

Stomach fat is formed due to many diseases

Stress and Weight Gain: According to research conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2009, during the depression, the weight of the person increases more than usual. It has been reported in this research that during this period, the maximum weight increases in the waist area. Due to stomach and waist fat, the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure increases. Apart from this, it has also been seen that due to depression people add the habit of addiction, cigarette, alcohol etc. also increased.

There are many ways to increase weight, but do you know that even more tension increases weight. Yes, it is true due to stress, man eats more calories and fat foods, which he does not know about.

Often men in stress eat food to meet emotional needs. During stress, a person is not hungry, yet he eats the food, which increases the weight. Therefore stress is the main reason for weight gain.

Benefits of Yoga and Exercise

Best Health Tips: According to researchers, better treatment is needed to overcome depression and obesity. He said that both of them should be treated simultaneously. Researchers believe that such people can get substantial benefits from yoga and exercise. Yoga also decreases the excess fat of the body and also gives peace to the brain.

Depression Weight Inside

Danger of Thyroid from Obesity and Depression

In today’s time infertility, weight gain and depression are common illnesses, but very few people know that this may start the problem of the thyroid. Due to the absence of specific information about this matter, it is very difficult to identify the disease. According to experts, more than 4.8 million Indians have thyroid problems. After diabetes, most people are suffering from thyroid problems, and 90 percent of people with problems like weight gain and depression have no knowledge that they have a thyroid complaint.

Get Rid of stress

  • Dance, art, meditation, phishing, walking with friends, reading a book, listening to music, exercising, etc. can be overcome stress.
  • Get up in the morning and breathe deeply and leave. Repeat this process several times.
  • This will help you to relieve stress.
  • Adopt nutrition, rest, workout, positive thinking lifestyle.
  • Create small goals.

How to overcome it?

Stress And Obesity: Yoga and Pranayam is a mode that will help you get rid of stress. It not only helps to reduce body fat but also gives mental peace. Keep yourself occupied with good habits to avoid stress. Can be removed from dance, walking, reading good books, exercising etc. Eat good food and equip yourself with positive thoughts. This will help in fighting tension.

Often, man is in tension to fulfill his financial needs and ate it without the quality of food, and often the weight gain by eating poor quality and fried food. Therefore, to reduce stress, yoga and exercise should be done every day.


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