Mumbai Witnessing the Mesmerizing Bioluminescent Waves Once Again As The Juhu beach Turns Neon Blue!

The city of Mumbai is a dream city in India. It is said that Mumbai city never sleeps. But this is not the only specialty in Mumbai. Rather, Mumbai’s famous Juhu is being known for one more special mention in India. Actually, at the time of the night at Juhu Beach in Mumbai, the color of the water becomes neon blue meaning shiny blue color. Let us tell you that this shocking view of the people is being seen from this Thursday. The color of the water looks very attractive to the people on their side. Earlier it was never seen before on the seacoast of Mumbai.

Let us tell you that this view can sometimes be seen in any part of the world. The locals are very happy to see this because of this view. This phenomenon is known worldwide as bioluminescence. By doing so, the color of the water of the sea becomes light sparkling neon blue. Let us tell you that this is the first time a unique event is in Mumbai. Earlier in India this bioluminescence incident was observed in Lakshadweep.

Juhu Beach goes blue!

Have you ever seen water turning blue when you step into it?
Have you ever seen water turning blue when you step into it?

Well if you think it can happen only in movies through animation or using special effects via editing, you must visit Juhu Beach in Mumbai right now. Observed for the second time in Mumbai, ‘Bioluminescence’ is a rare natural occurrence which is not commonly seen in India.


Mumbai Bioluminescence
Earlier it was observed in January this year. This was the first time it was seen in India.
Mumbai Bioluminescence January 2016
This magical event is likely to be visible only for few more nights.

What cause Bioluminescence ?

Dinoflagellate, a tiny plankton that is about 0.5 mm in size is responsible for this spectacular phenomenon. When the plankton is washed ashore it gets disturbed and a protein ‘luciferase’ gets activated in it which makes it emit blue light making it glow in the dark. Its a defense mechanism employed to either scare off predators, or a communication system to attract potential mates.

Generally, this phenomenon is observed during the full moon and when there is a change in the water current. Australia, Maldives and Malaysia are some of the places which experience this incredible phenomenon frequently. If you are in Mumbai, make use of this opportunity. Make a visit to Juhu Beach around 9.30 pm with your camera to capture the spellbinding phenomenon.


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