Maldives – The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

If you want to have a rich blue experience, if you want to see pure shades of blue then Maldives gives you an unbelievable experience. You would have never seen that much clear shades of blue. The richness of those shades will surely make you feel wow. All blue shades of nature you will find in Maldives. The speciality of the islands of the Maldives is that they are very clean and the sides are made of white sand. 

Maldives - The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

Where the land falls in the ocean, the water becomes colorless, then slightly green, light blue at a short distance, and dark blue in the middle ocean. The color of the water also changes with the depth of the ocean rising. 


Best Honeymoon Destination

Unmatched luxury, beach of unique white sand and wonderful underwater world makes Maldives your first choice. The Maldives is home to the best beaches in the world. There are 1200 islands in this country, some beaches claim to be better than others, but the truth is that almost anywhere else on earth, this powder will not get much blue than white and bright blue water .

Maldives - The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

Every resort in the Maldives has its own private island, and the world’s best hotels compete with other hotels. It is not surprising that the honeymoon is always at the top of their wish list. Romance is a big business in the Maldives, and the air of the Maldives is like a romance. Most of the passengers are on their honeymoon journey. Every hotel and hotel employee can make the service of new couples. Airport (airport) is on an island, after landing at the airport, you travel to your island with a boat or a seaplane where your hotel is located.

To stay close to all the hotels, you can choose a room that can be Beach Bungalow or Water Bungalow. You can also choose whether the view of your room is Sunset View or Sunrise View.

The Maldives was awarded the world’s Best Dive Destination in 2006 at the World Travel Awards. Here let’s see main destinations of Maldives where you gonna get a different life experience.


Explore Male

Male is the capital of the Maldives. Hukuru Miskiy also known as the Old Friday Mosque is one of the oldest and most ornate mosques in the city of Male. There are several places to visit in Male like National Museum, Artificial Beach, Villingili, Hulhumale Island, Tsunami Monument, Whale Submarine and many more.

Maldives - The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

Remember that blue water is wherever you go. Between the city you find a grand clean city experience but elsewhere you will surrounded by sea water.


Rasdhoo Madivaru

Rasdhoo Island is one of the most popular destinations for diving in the Maldives. It is also known as Rasdhoo Madivaru. There are many things you can do like fishing, Diving, Snorkelling, swimming to the reef, Cruise safari near Dolphin groups and there is a bikini beach also where you can relax and take sunbath.

Maldives - The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

Hammerhead Point is the main attraction here where you can see Hammerhead sharks and Mantas before 6 am.


Ari-Atoll & Around

We have put the Ari-Atoll on the third main attractions in the Maldives. There are also a bunch of places where you will feel the Maldives richness. The main attractions here are Dhigurah Island, Ukulhas Island, Maamigili Island and Mathiveri Island.

Maldives - The Luxurious Marine-Life Experience

These all are very small island with 100’s of population and has a direct boat connectivity from Male. There are small and luxurious hotels where you can relax and enjoy the sunsets.



Maafushi is also inhabited local island in the Maldives. There are also good choices like Floating Bar, snorkeling safaris, Scuba Diving, Fishing etc. Snorkeling Safari is arranged by resorts at most popular places like Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Villivaru Corner, Maafushi Corner, Turtle Garden and others.




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