The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Mehandi art is a natural way to decor human body. It’s a wonderful gift from nature to human. Females are authorised for using this specious gift. Females have right to decorated up. They got this right directly from God. Not only in India women uses this right in full way even most females around the world decorate their beautiful body.

They don’t wait for any special occasion. They just want to be in notice every time. Mehandi art uses to look beautiful in natural as well as in fashionatic way. Mehandi art can be used with or without special occasion.

Here are we giving some Evergreen, New and Most Beautiful designs for mehandi art. We guarantee you would love to use these designs and also will confuse because of magnificent options. 


Futuristic Mehandi Designs

As the title describing the type of design it is marvelously elegant. This is kind of new era or advance generation of Mehandi art. The art looks very rich as a Diamond. This art doesn’t allow to cover full space of available skin, It’s just allow minimum but the best way to decorate the precious hands of a beautiful woman.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Yes this Futuristic style suits women mostly. The rich figure style Mehandi art design is suggested for new generation fashion lovable babes. Given images are just examples, you should get your own idea. Some binary code, alien or some fiction style designs can be used.


Wedding Henna Designs

In wedding functions bride should be the most gorgeous woman there. But if you are one from the bride’s gang then you also must have to be look very gorgeous. Here are we giving some very deeply wedding purpose henna designs.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

You can make your own also by getting ideas from these pictures. Wedding is a very precious moment for Bride as well as for her closed people. No matter you are sisters, sibling, buddy, mother, aunt or someone else just remember that you are in a wedding now and have to be look as gorgeous as bride.

Its not compulsory that Wedding henna designs must look like a wedding design, It’s your choice after all. Select the most suitable design.


Egyptian Style Henna Designs

It is the most beautiful style in Henna Designs all over the universe. It is also called Arabic Style Henna Designs. This design type do not cover full hands but also not tiny as Futuristic. It separates fingers, like earrings set with necklace.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Yeah all knows that beauty demands some rules so Henna Designs too. So just don’t wait to draw this design and be an Al Habibi or your beloved one.

This will full-fill your romantic dreams when your beloved will see those beautiful designs on your hands, He will fall in love with you again. Get ideas from these pictures and merge your thoughts too !

Indian Old Style Mehandi Designs

Mehandi as make-up art in India is used for years. For centuries women in India are using mehandi to decorated themselves specially on festivals. Indian old style Mehandi art is not so difficult as it is very easy to apply.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Women, Girls apply this Indian Old Style on festivals like Rakshabandhan, Diwali etc. This style can be used in less time as it is not that hard to design. It looks simple but feels lovely like a small happiness in life.

It has a great Indian touch which help you feel a real Indian inside. You can show your tiny Mehandi makeup while clicking photos with family on special occasions with a little smile.

You can use the copy method here to celebrate little thing like same designs for sisters, same designs for mother and daughter, but don’t forget to live little things like your Indian Old Style Mehandi.


Bani-Thani Mehandi Designs

Bani-Thani is a style of painting art from Indian North region. Bani-Thani is the term used for a Erotic woman. Here erotic means a well decorated woman. Bani-Thani designs basically are highly filled designs.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs  It is a very old art and still in use. Although it is rare but looks pretty. Generally used in weddings and other related functions.

Especially newly married babes can try this unique style. Remind your wedding day on anniversary by applying this unique north Indian style on your beautiful hands.


Barat Welcome Indian Style 

There are many functions in an Indian Wedding. A wedding in India celebrates like a festival. Generally people do weddings in India by following their rules and customs so they wait for its season which generally comes in summers and winters.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

A wedding takes 3 days at least in completing all rituals. So Women do their Mehandi makeup accordingly. Barat Welcome style is a unique and different idea for Bride’s gang. This design includes Groom and Bride sketch art, Names or some logo if created.


Indian Cultural Mehandi Designs

This isn’t any unique or different Mehandi Design, The Indian Cultural Mehandi designs are regular designs. These regular designs don’t specify any style, these are just regular and beautiful too.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Indian women celebrate many woman oriented festivals like Teez, Karwa Chauth, Rakshabandhan and Valentines day so they do good makeup on these special days and Henna is the important part of makeup on these days.

Florals, Leafs, Birds, Panihari, Matka designs may include in Indian Cultural Henna designs. Those designs mainly used in rural area women. They do not prefer any specific design so they use regular designs.


Vedic Style Mehandi Designs

Vedic style includes Indian Vedic signs. Those powerful signs are commonly seen in India. Radha-krishan, Ganpati Bappa, Aum, Swastik signs are mainly used in these types of designs. The Henna art designer may do experiments while using these powerful signs. Those signs are related to Hindu Gods so restricted on legs. 

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Tajmahal Mehandi Designs

As its name defines its uniqueness Tajmahal must include in design. Design may be similar to others but Tajmahal must include into it. A mehandi art master can give several beautiful shapes to most beautiful structure. Tajmahal is a symbol of love so the people who believe in love prefers this design the most.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

Mughal Style Henna Designs

As the title defining its style, The design may include some mughal art in designs. The designs looks like a mughal style art also we can say a mughal touch.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 

It is not compulsory that you wear a Burka to get feel a Mughal style queen you can just apply these beautiful designs on your glowing skin and feel happy to be a queen of your special one.

Jewelry Style Mehandi Designs

Jewelry style designs are looks like a Henna jewelry wears on your hands. This Henna Design is so fabulous. These designs are that powerful designs that attracts too much, A guaranteed eye catching unique style. One cannot lose sight of it if once one sees it.

The most Beautiful fadeless Mehandi Designs 


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