Indian Famous Cities Nicknames

Indian Cities Nicknames

While referring to some cities, we often use their nicknames rather than actual names such as Garden City, Pink City, City of Lakes etc. But, have you ever tried to find backstory that are associated with names? Okay, if not then here we have brought you some famous cities of India that are popular with their nicknames. So, scroll down and find out why such nicknames are associated with these famous cities.

Well, nicknames aren’t only for people or pets even our cities have their own nicknames. Let’s see what are they…

1. Pune: Queen of Deccan and the Oxford of East

Indian Cities Nicknames

Before this, Pune was a very clean and green city and hence its name was named as Queen of the Deccan. Pune city has earned this name due to a large number of educational institutions present in the city attracting international students.

2. Muzaffarpur: Land of litchi

Indian Cities Nicknames

Muzaffarpur, also famous for Shahi lychees, is the biggest city of north Bihar. It is located on the banks of the permanent Burhi Gandak River, which flows from the Someshwar Hills of Himalayas.

3. Udaipur: White city, City of lakes and also Venice of the East

Indian Cities Nicknames

Udaipur is also famous for its scenic beauty, history, and culture. It has several lakes which is why it is often seen as the Venice of the East and City of Lakes. Because many Rajput style palaces of Udaipur are created of scenic white marble, the Udaipur city is also known as White City.

4. Surat: Diamond city of India or the Textile city of India

Indian Cities Nicknames

Surat is famous for ‘Diamond Citbecauseuse of Surat has world’s biggest Cutting and Polishing industry. Surat was also known as Suryapur, it is the Commercial Capital City of Gujarat, also India’s eighth largest metropolitan city.

5. Vijayvada (Andra Pradesh): Place of Victory

Indian Cities Nicknames

Vijayawada is known as the place of victory because according to ancient legends it is believed that Goddess Durga had killed a demon and after his victory, rested on a place in the city where the great Kanakdura temple is built.

6. Rishikesh: Yoga City

Indian Cities Nicknames

Rishikesh has been one of the most sacred cities in the world. It has been a spiritual center for thousands of years. These days it has become popular for yoga and is often considered as Yoga City.

7. Patiala: City of Maharaja or the Royal City

Indian Cities Nicknames

Patiala is also famous for Royal City because in this city, Bala Ala Singh established the royal dynasty of Patiala and laid the foundation of “Quila Mubarak”, around which the state of Patiala was developed.

8. Kolhapur (Maharashtra): City of Wrestlers

Indian Cities Nicknames

Kolhapur is known as Dakshin Kashi, Door of Konkan, Historical Capital of Maharashtra State along with the city of wrestlers & city of arts.

9. Ahmedabad: Boston of India and Manchester of India 

Indian Cities Nicknames

Ahmedabad, the biggest city of Gujarat and 6th largest city of India is established in the western region of India. Ahmedabad is located at the bank of Sabarmati River. Heretofore Ahmedabad also famous for Manchester of India for its textile industries.

10. Jaisalmer: Golden City of India

Indian Cities Nicknames

Jaisalmer is also called the Golden City of Rajasthan because the use of yellow sand and yellow sandstone in every architecture of the city gives the city a yellow-green color.


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