Kerala India | Best time to Visit God’s Own Country

There are three main seasons in Kerala which are Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Kerala is situated on southwestern Malabar coast of India, between the Arabian sea and the western ghats. Kerala is a sea facing state, the eastern Kerala consists land of Western Ghats. This region has wildest lands covered with dense forests, high mountains, gorges and giant deep-cut valleys.

Forty-one out of forty-four rivers originates in this region. Other regions lie under tea and coffee plantations. So as per geographical situation Kerala is a hot place. In Summers, Kerala suffers from scorching hot as well as in Monsoon Kerala suffers from terrible sultry.

From mid-September to February is the best time to visit Kerala. This time presents as most lovable and pleasant season to visit Munnar, Varkala, Kovalam, Alleppey etc. Winters are most delightful weather for sea facing states. The lowest temperature is recorded around 10 degree Celsius whereas highest recorded about 25 degree Celsius in Kerala in winters. In this season the humidity and temperature drop down and the place becomes most happening place on earth. Lush green lands and backwaters makes this place God’s Own Country.

What is the best time to visit Kerala backwaters?

Kerala backwaters are the mechanism of brackish lagoons. Lakes touches even we can say lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. Kerala has total 44 rivers in numbers which are entirely depends upon monsoon. These heavily flow in the monsoon and dry up completely during summers. These backwaters only found in winters from October to February. In winters the water goes still and flows like relaxing so boating and water exploring adventures become easy.

How many Nazhika difference in Kerala time and Delhi times?

There is no nazhika difference between Kerala time and Delhi times. The time in India runs same in all states even in sea located Union territories. All states are bound to accept standard time zone (GMT +5:30) as per law and order.

So the time zone in Kerala India is same works as Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta & Chennai.


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