Kamakhya Devi Temple | The most important place to Worship Goddess Shakti

Kamakhya devi temple is situated at Nilanchal mountain 8 kms west of Guwahati (Assam). Kamakhya has been considered as the center of all creation. It is considered as the principal place of supernatural powers and system achievement. There is no statue or image of Devi, There is a kund which always leaks outside. Kund always covered and decorated with flowers. It is believed that every year for three days the place do Menstruation. Temple closes for these three days with covering white cotton cloth and when temple opens after three days the cloth found red, at same time the River Brahmputra found also red. Tha red cloth is distributed as ‘Prasad’ among devotees. The devotees celebrates ‘Ambuwachi’ festival.


The Largest temple of Tantrism

The temple and place considered as most mysterious place on earth. The place is also famous for Tantrism. It is believed that Tantrics and sadhus of Kamakhya Devi temple are capable of performing miracles and black magic


Garbhgriha and additional chambers

Garbhgriha stands for an inner sanctum space, which situated below ground level. In Garbhgriha there is a rock fissure in the shape of female genital (Yoni). The Garbhgriha is small and dark place where can be reached by narrow steep steps. A hollow space is constantly filled with water from an underground perennial spring in Garbhgriha.

There are three additional chambers also attached with the temple Calanta, Panchratna and Natamandir. All three chambers have different-different architectural structure.

History of kamakhya devi temple

According to ancient history or Hindu mythical stories, Goddess Sati was the daughter of King Daksh. King Daksh married her daughter with Lord Shiva. One day after dispute with his father Goddess sati gave up her life. By seeing his wife’s dead body Lord Shiva has got lost and started tandav (Stotram) in sorrow and anger. The earth stopped, life stopped. Then Lord Vishnu divided Goddess Sati’s dead body into 51 pieces by his Sudarshan Chakra to break temptation of Lord Shiva. Wherever the body parts had fallen now called shaktipeeths. It is believed that the vaginal part of goddess had fallen here. Female vaginal part is considered as the gateway of life. That is why Kamakhya has been considered as the center of all creation.

According to medieval history, In 16th century wars have taken place in Kamroop region. States in region started war and the king Vishwajit Singh of Koochvihar state won the final battle. He lost his brother in battle so he started searching him. In search  of his brother th king reached on Nilanchal mountain and suddenly met with an old woman. The woman introduced the king about Kamakhya Devi and its importance. The king ordered for Excavation on Nilanchal and found the temple of Kamakhya which was originally made by Kamdev. The king Vishwajit made a new temple upon it. Later Narnarayana the son of king Vishwajit renovate this temple which was damaged by Muslim invaders.


Yielder of all desires – kamakhya devi

Kamakhya Devi is strongly considered as the Goddess of completing desires. The fusion of faiths and practices is still continues from centuries. Tantrics and Aghoris over there worship goddess for supernatural powers as well as priests worship to get Moksha. People usually worship goddess with flowers but many time they sacrificed animals, female animals are exempt for sacrifice.

The Shakti Peeth

There are total 51 shakipeeths in India and Kamakhya shaktipeeth is believed as optimal among all shaktipeeths.



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