It is true that a healthy mind remains in a healthy body. But the human mind is such a divine gift to mankind that he has proved many times that if you have a strong mind, even if you are not so strong by the body, you can distribute anything else. Physical perseverance, strength, stamina and energy are definitely an essential part, but if you can not believe yourself, if you can not increase your physical limitations, which can only be controlled by a strong mind, You may fail several times. This is the reason that we come in a lot of stories in real life, where even after physically challenged people get new heights and glory. This is the kind of Kerala martial artist – Mr. K.J. Joseph

How many knuckle push-ups can you do in a minute?

This man from Munnar, Kerala holds the world record for doing 82 knuckle push-ups in a single minute i.e. 1.3 push up per minute.

K. J. Joseph – The Indian Bruce Lee


K. J. Joseph – The Indian Bruce Lee This record was earlier held by an American, Ron Cooper who did 79 push-ups in 2015. He further sees to improve his performance by doing 90 push-ups in a minute. He is a Martial Art Trainer and is inspired by Bruce Lee. He also holds the record for breaking 17.99mm iron rods with bare hands !

K. J. Joseph – The Indian Bruce Lee

By doing 2092 push ups in an hour, this man entered the Universal Record Forum.

K. J. Joseph – The Indian Bruce Lee The most amazing thing about him is that he has never stepped into a gym !
He is a pure vegetarian and an Ayurveda practitioner. He can be a great motivation for those who don’t believe in Gym being the only way to increase strength.


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