Jio Fiber Launch - Know Data Plans, Booking, Price,

Jio Fiber Launch – Know Data Plan And Offers

Reliance Jio home broadband service Gigafiber has been launched officially. Along with Jio FiberNet broadband service, the company will also provide free 4K set-top boxes and free landline connections to customers.

The company has announced that along with selected plans, subscribers will also get access to popular OTT platforms. With Jio Fiber, the users will also get Jio Home Phone Service and with the help of this, unlimited calling can be done from landline across the country. In some plans, the company is also offering free HD or 4K TV.

Jio Fiber Recharge Plans [Customer Care No]

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans: For this, you will have to go to the official site of Jio and register for JioFiber connection. Here you have to submit details like the address and mobile number. After registering with the OTP coming on the mobile, the employee of Jio will come to your address to verify the information given and you will get the connection when the service is done in your area. Plans for this service are starting from Rs. 699 and are available at Rs. 8,499. You can take any monthly plan according to need.

Jio Fiber Plans 2019: Jio Fiber Plans are divided into different categories. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium.

Jio Fiber Launch - Know Data Plans, Booking, Price,

The monthly fee for the Jio Fiber Bronze plan is Rs 699. It will get data from speeds up to 100 Mbps. Data will be unlimited. But in fast speed you will get 100 GB data and as a bonus an additional 50 GB data. That means a total of 150 GB data.

The monthly fare of the Jio Fiber Silver plan is Rs 899. It will get data from speeds up to 100 Mbps. Data is also unlimited in this plan. But the high-speed data limit is 200 GB. Additionally, 200 GB data will be given as a bonus. That means the total data will be 400 GB.

The monthly rent of the Jio Fiber Gold plan is Rs 1,299. It will get data from speeds up to 250 Mbps. A total of 500 GB data will be given in it. Along with this, there will be 250 GB bonus data. That means 750 GB of total data.

The monthly rent of Jio Fiber Diamond plan is Rs. 2,499. It will get data from speeds up to 500 Mbps. Data is also unlimited in this plan. The high-speed data limit is 1250 GB and additional 250 GB data will be available simultaneously. That is, the total data is 1500 GB.

The monthly fare of the Jio Fiber Platinum plan is Rs 3,999. It will get data from speeds up to 1 Gbps. Data is also unlimited in this plan. But 2,500 GB of data will be given in high-speed.

The monthly rent of the Jio Fiber Titanium plan is Rs 8,499. In this too, data will be available at speeds up to 1 Gbps. Users will be able to use a total of 5,000 GB of data.

Jio Fiber Launch

Some important things related to the plan of Jio Fiber

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans Noida Kerala: Data is unlimited in all these plans of Jio Fiber. Unlimited voice calling facility. TV video calling / conferencing facility is being provided. Zero Latency Gaming is free. Device security will also be available. However, VR experience and premium content services are available only with Jio Fiber Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plans.

The company has said that once the data limit is exceeded at high speed, the internet will be provided at the speed of 1 Mbps. Apart from this, 18 percent GST will be levied on the price of the monthly plan.

The bonus data is given with many plans is available under the launch offer. It is reported that the facility with additional bonus data is only for 6 months.

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer {Ott Apps in Jio Fiber}

Jio Fiber Launch - Know Data Plans, Booking, Price,

Jio Fiber 699 Plan Details: We have already told you that customers will have to pay Rs 2,500 for a Jio connection. Under the welcome offer, a Jio Home Gateway of Rs 5,000 and Jio 4K Setup Box of Rs 6,400 will be available with each plan. The Jio Bronze plan will offer a three-month subscription to Jio Cinema and the Jiosavan app.

All OTT apps will be subscribed for 3 months with Jio Silver plan. At the same time, customers opting for Jio Fiber Gold, Fiber Diamond, Fiber Platinum, and Fiber Platinum plans will get the subscription of all OTT apps for 1 year.

Under the welcome offer, subscribers opting for JioForever annual plans will get Jio Home Gateway, Jio 4K set-top boxes, subscription to OTT apps, unlimited voice calls and data. At the same time, tv sets will also be given free to customers who choose Gold and expensive plans.

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Jio Fiber Launch

If Jio Fiber subscribers choose the JioForever Gold annual plan, they will get a free Mousse 2 Bluetooth speaker. Similarly, Silver Annual Plan subscribers will get Thump 2 Bluetooth speakers. Subscribers opting for Diamond and Platinum annual plans will be given free HD TV.

The TV size will be different in both plans. Gold plan subscribers will also get a free 24-inch Smart HD TV. But for this a two-year plan has to be chosen. Titanium Annual Plan subscribers will be given a 43-inch 4K TV for free.

The 6-month plan will get 1-month additional service and 50 percent additional data will be given. At the same time, 25 percent of additional data will be available with the 3-month plan.

Existing Customers of Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber In My Location: The company will be approached to upgrade the service to existing Jio fiber users. It has been said that the contact will be accessed through the MyJio app. Apart from this, as existing customers recharge from monthly, quarterly, annual plans. They will get the Free Set Top Box box free.

Jio Fiber Installation Service Charge

Jio Fiber Ott Apps List: The good thing is that till now the customers will not have to pay any charge to start its service, it is free. However, a security fee will have to be paid which will be returned to you after leaving the plan.

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