North America is rich in wildlife and forests. Canada is a large part of North America and holds Jasper national park along with top mountain peaks. Jasper national park is situated in Alberta which is a province in western Canada. The grand and amazing Icefield parkway is the main highway which leads to Jasper National Park from Banff. Jasper National Park is well known for glaciers like the Saskatchewan Glacier and the Athabasca Glacier. Not only glaciers but also dense forests with a great number of Alpine Tundra. Jasper National Park also homes to almost 30 species of small mammals and big Carnivorous animals as well.

Jasper National ParkJasper National Park is also home to grass & green leaves eaters. Bighorn Sheep (mountain goat), Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Moose, etc are also found in the area, mostly in Alpine Tundra forest. The view of still lakes and sunrise are other attraction points on the magic world of nature. There are 5 gorgeous glacial lakes in a trail which is surrounded by a large number of alpine trees and glaciers in a backdrop. The scenic beauty of these lakes attracts landscape photographers around the world. The deadly Carnivorous like wolves, cougars, coyotes, black bears and Grizzly bears. Wolves and coyotes can be easily seen while passing through Highway 16 in open meadows, instead of this these Carnivorous can also be easily seen near Maligne lake road and Pyramid lake road.

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Where to stay near Jasper National Park?

Staying in Jasper town only is the best option to choose because it is the most convenient way to visit Jasper. There are many hotels and lodges in Jasper. Marmot, Crimson, Mount Robson, Best western, Pine Bungalow, Lobstick Lodge, and many more stay services in budget. Hinton is another best-suggested place near Jasper National Park which is only 50 miles away. One can reach Hinton to Jasper within an hour by car. This is much cheaper than Jasper itself. Hinton is the most recommended place near Jasper because of its approachable distance and handsome deals.

Jasper National Park
Best Places to visit in Jasper National Park

There are plenty of places which are recommended to visit during the Jasper trip. The main thing to see and live in the scenic beauty all around the Jasper, Specially near lakes. Still, there are few places where one can live an unforgettable time:

Athabasca Glacier is easily accessible and it is the most-visited glacier in Jasper. The leading edge of the glacier is easily approachable by walking but everyone advised to first proper equipped and aware of hidden crevasses.

Angel Glacier on Mount Edith Cavell is another suggested place add-in must-see places in Jasper. It disappears sometimes because of melting snow. The glacier is visible from the Cavell Meadows hiking trail.

Maligne Canyon is a great place to see wildlife like waterfalls, birds and natural scenes. In winter it becomes more beautiful when you can walk along the frozen canyon.

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If one wants to see spectacular & breathtaking views, then hike Wilcox Pass trail. This is the most amazing place in Jasper. The place is full of wonderful natural scenes and attracts nature photographers.

Feeding not to animals like bears and deer is the most helpful advice to tourists and travelers.

Best time to visit Jasper National Park

It depends upon the taste of a traveler. There are many factors that need to be considered to answer this question. Winter is much colder but gives a chance of hiking, turquoise-colored lakes, Frozen waterfalls and much more while summers are helpful in seeing beautiful landscapes, blooming of spring flowers and much more. The best time to visit the Jasper is mid-September to mid-October when there are fewer crowds. Less crowd time helps in finding cheaper places to stay.


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