Independence day Celebration

Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15 August every year. In 2019, this will be 73rd Independence day.

On 15 August 1947, the country had got freedom from hundreds of years of slavery by the Mughals and the British.

Red fort with tricolor
Red fort with tricolour

Therefore, Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August in India every year. This day is a national holiday.

There is an atmosphere of happiness and joy in the whole country. Everyone congratulates each other on Independence Day.

Patriots being remembered on this day, because of which the country got independence.

Everyone uploads Independence Day wallpapers or photos on social media. Everyone gives each other the best wishes for future.

Cultural programs in educational institutions

Independence Day is celebrated with great pomp in educational institutions i.e. schools and colleges.

Cultural programmes on Independence day
Cultural programmes on Independence day

Cultural programs are organised, flag hoisting is done, the national anthem is sung, folk dances, patriotic songs, plays etc. are organised.

Meanwhile, students, teachers and other attendees are addressed by distinguished persons. Sweets are distributed among children and students.

Independence celebration on the Red Fort

The Independence Festival is celebrated every year on 15 August at the Red Fort in Delhi. On this day big leaders and celebrities of the country are present here.

Parade at Red Fort on Independence Day
Parade at Red Fort on Independence Day

The Prime Minister or the Honorable President hoists the flag. The Prime Minister makes a speech with the Red Fort, addresses the entire country.

In this festival, the military is shown tricks and is paraded. The national anthem is sung and Bharat Mata shouts are performed.


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