In Himachal Pradesh, people often visit Shimla and Manali, but if you go to the village of Jibhi, you will probably be able to enjoy nature more easily. Himachal Pradesh has a small paradise, it is not a good option to know nature.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

The Magic Of Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, there are many famous tourist spots, but if you have to avoid crowded places and enjoy Nature, then visit the village of Jibahi of this state. Not only will you be warmly welcomed in the village surrounded by greenery, but you will also be able to feel close to nature.

This village is just an hour’s drive from the grade Himalayan National Park, where it can easily be reached by road. Throughout the course, you will be able to see the nature of nature, they will definitely make your mood.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

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[Jibhi Weather] Places To Visit In Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

Places To Visit In Tirthan Valley: Ice-covered windshields, dense forests, far-flowing green areas, lakes, and rivers. There is a need for such a place to get closer to nature. The small village of Himachal is the best for it.

For its beautiful natural shade, it is also called the small paradise of Himachal. It can not be a place for trekking and camping. Come together know that what can we do by going into the Jibhi?

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Jalori Pass – Tirthan Ghati Himachal Pradesh

Located at a height of 3000 meters, this passage offers a breathtaking view of the Jibhi. Entrance to this pass surrounded by cedar forests, you will find yourself very quiet.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

Sereolsar Lake

After a 6-kilometer climb from Jalori Pass, you will be seen in this beautiful lake. Here you can enjoy camping.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh


In Jibhi’s forests, you will find many waterfalls and bathing in their water. Several bridges have been built near the waterfall. Here you can pull photos for social media.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

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Chaney Fort

The 1500-year-old fort represents a wonderful specimen of mountain architecture. Here is a wooden tower 40 meters high, with a spectacular view of Himachal Pradesh.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

Sring Rishi Temple

People come from far away to see this temple built near Chaney Fort. Nearby flowers and dense trees give their beauty even more.

Places To Visit In Jibhi Himachal Pradesh [Jibhi Temperature]

What to do in Jibhi?

In Jibhi you can enjoy fishing as well as camping and trekking. Apart from this, you can also see birds from foreign countries in dense forests here.

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Where to eat – Places To Eat In Jibhi [Jibhi Hotels]

There are many restaurant and T-stalls in Jibhi. Here you can enjoy delicious hilly food and tea. Apart from this, restaurants like Jibhi Delight Cafe, Mother’s Cafe, Hari Om Cafe can also be accommodated. All the food served here is complimented here.

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

How to go:

Delhi To Jibhi Himachal: Bhuntar Airport of Kullu is 60 km away from here. From there you can reach by bus or taxi. People coming from the train will have to arrive at Shimla railway station. From here, the Jibhi is about 150 kilometers.

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Best Time to Visit – Weather And Tips

The Best Time to visit Around is October to May. During this time the weather here is very happy. If you have to enjoy the snowfall, you should go here in the month of January to February.

So when are you going to Jibhi?


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