Sesame is used in small or large auspicious programs, it has many advantages of eating. If you can learn all the Health Benefits Of White Sesame Seeds In Hindi then through this article, you can also check Black Sesame Seeds Recipe In Hindi too. For more latest updates about Sesame Seeds Laddu Recipe in Hindi then stay in touch with us.Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds [White & Black Sesame Seeds Uses]

Sesame Seeds In Hindi [Do You Say Sesame Seeds In Hindi]

Sesame Seeds Meaning In Hindi: Sesame is used in almost all households. It is eaten in sweet food items. But do you know how many benefits can you get from Sesame? It contains mono-saturated fatty acids, which reduces the amount of cholesterol present in our body.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds in Hindi: Apart from this, many antioxidants are found in sesame, which protects us from many diseases. This mole keeps you away from many problems. Let us know how the use of sesame helps keep you healthy.

Benefits Of White Sesame Seeds In Hindi

Sesame Seeds Information In Hindi: Check out the benefits of White & Black Sesame Seeds here. Read the complete article and get to know health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds [White & Black Sesame Seeds Uses]

Bone Strengthening

Use of Sesame Seeds in Hindi: Sesame contains amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. It helps in forming and strengthening bones.

Reduces Stress

Vitamin Niacin is also found in sesame, which helps in reducing stress. Its use reduces problems like depression and stress.

Cancer Prevention

Sesmin is known to contain antioxidants. This prevents cancer cells from growing. Sesame consumption is effective in preventing the possibility of many types of cancer like lungs, stomach, breast and prostate.

Improve Digestion

Black Sesame Seeds Benefits in Hindi: Sesame is rich in fiber. Fiber Diesage System present in it helps keep the system healthy. It is helpful in reducing the problem of constipation.

Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds [White & Black Sesame Seeds Uses]

Skin Care

Sesame Seeds Benefits In Hindi: The sesame proves to be very beneficial for the skin as well as keeping the body healthy. Skin needs nourishment from its intake. It shines in the skin and moisture remains intact.

Control Cholesterol

Sesame Seeds Called In Hindi: By eating black sesame, the amount of cholesterol decreases to a great extent. Substances like Sesamin and Sesamonil are found in sesame, which are helpful in controlling cholesterol.

Sesame Seeds Side Effects in Hindi [Benefits]

  1. High intake of sesame seeds can cause irritation of the stomach and colon.
  2. Sesame seeds are full of calories and saturated fats. And if you are thinking of losing weight then you should avoid excessive use of them. If you regularly consume more sesame seeds, it can also contribute to increase weight.
  3. Another common side effect of sesame seeds is allergic reactions. Some people may be allergic to their intake. Different types of allergies such as digestive problems, swelling of the eyes, nasal bleeding, asthma etc.
  4. Some people may be victim of appendicitis infection due to excessive consumption of sesame seeds. Occasionally, some seeds may be trapped in the organ, which can definitely be serious with mild infection.

Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds [White & Black Sesame Seeds Uses]

  1. You may have diarrhea due to excessive consumption of sesame seeds. So eat only the limited amount of sesame seeds.
  2. Sesame seeds can have some adverse effects on your skin if you consume more of them. With its supplemental intake you may have skin rashes with itching and redness.
  3. Use black sesame to ensure the health of hair. But excess amount of intake can completely reverse the results. This causes hormonal imbalances, which makes the scalp oil and dry hair follicles in the hair. As a result, the rate of hair loss increases to a great extent. This may also be the reason for baldness.
  4. Eating sesame seeds during the first trimester of pregnancy is bad for health. Sometimes abortion can also happen.


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