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Google Fixed the Beer, Burger and Cheese Emojis! Did you Ever Notice These Mistakes?

All of us use emojis in our text messages to convey small messages/feelings with help of these simple pictures.

And because of their immense popularity and the extent of being used by the people, related companies are coming up with new and different emojis to lure their customers. But what if someone says that there’s a mistake in one of this emojis?

Well, you might be thinking who take so much time to check if the emoji is correct or not. But, let us inform you that recently someone spotted some mistakes in Beer, Cheese and Burger emojis provided by Google for all its devices. Here’s the whole story. Most called marketing news website in India search engine journal has impact full news about Recent google Updates on regular bases.

Recently a famous author, Thomas Baekdal, through his twitter account pointed out a mistake in Google’s Burger emoji. 

He questioned if Google’s cheese placement was correct? He compared it to the Burger emoji of Apple.

google fixes emoiji errors
Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai noticed this tweet and replied saying that he will surely look upon this error.

Google CEO tweet fix emojiBut this was not the end as someone pointed a mistake in their Beer emoji too.

Google Beer emoji mistake tweet
And there was a mistake in their cheese emoji too. An edge of the emoji was cutting the holes in the cheese which looked unrealistic as if the edge was painted upon it. So, now Google has finally fixed these mistakes and these corrected emojis will be be a part of their Android 8.1 update coming this month. Here’s what Google has corrected in those emojis…..

Cheese Emoji Error Fixed

Beer Emoji Error Fixed

Burger Emoji Error Fixed


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