If you are looking for eco-friendly tourist destinations to explore, read here. These are 5 beautiful eco-friendly of India or echo tourist destinations, where you want to go again and again. If you also want to help save the environment through Ecotourism, then you can go to these places in India. The article gives you information about the various ecotourism destinations in India.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

Places of Ecotourism In India

Places of Ecotourism In India: Today people are being motivated to use Eco-Friendly things so that the environment can be protected from any type of damage. Like Eco-Friendly things, some people are now starting to value Ecotourism too. Not only do you get the chance to go closer to nature, but also because of your environment also is the defense of the environment. If you are thinking of the environment, then you can go to these 5 places in India.

1. Rajmala National Park, Kerala

Ecotourism In India PPT: It is also known from Eravikulam National Park, which is 15 km away from Munnar. Along with greenery and beauty, you can also enjoy the wildlife here. Kerala is a very beautiful place in eco-friendly tourist destinations. It can be visited in any season here. A unique form of nature is found in Kerala. Culture and traditions here also attract tourists.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

2. Lake Chilika, Odisha

Types of Ecotourism In India: Lake Chilika in Odisha is India’s largest and the second largest sea lake in the world. There are about 225 species of fish in this lake. Chilka Lake is also known as Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary. Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is similar to paradise for migrant and resident birds. This place is a favorite place for tourists who love birds. This pear-shaped sanctuary is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Odisha state.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

3. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park is a worldwide fair for one-horned rhinoceros. It was declared a National Park in 1905. It is a prominent place in the list of World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. Apart from this, tigers and other creatures are also found here. This park is a national park of Assam State of India.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

4. Nanda Devi National Park, Uttarakhand

Ecotourism Activities In India: It is a popular tourist destination which is about 24 KM from Joshimath. Nanda Devi mountain is the country’s second highest mountain range. In this park, beautiful flowers and beautiful butterflies of about 312 species can also be seen.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

5. Sunderban National Park, West Bengal

If you want to see Wildlife close, you can go to Sunderban. It is also India’s largest Tiger Reserve, as well as the largest National Park. It is also home to various types of birds, reptiles and rare species, including salt-water crocodiles. Experience watching Wildlife so close to you will fill you with excitement.

Top 5 Ecotourism Destinations In India - You Must Visit

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