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Uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is the major cause of cancer. These cells get divided according to the requirement of the body, but when it grows continuously it takes the form of cancer.

Similarly, uncontrolled growth in breast cells is the main cause of breast cancer. Constant growth in cells collects and forms a lump, which is called a cancerous tumor.

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If breast cancer is detected in the first or second phase, it is possible to treat it at the right time. But getting to know about this also depends on your awareness. If you are aware of the level of cancer, then by identifying its symptoms, you can treat it at the right time.

Let’s first know the common causes of breast cancer –

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Check out the below section and read Symptoms of breast cancer.

Breast knot or abnormal obesity in breast

Breast knotting is considered a very important symptom of breast cancer. You must check your breast at least once a month to know if there is any abnormal thing in your breast. You try to find if there is any kind of knot in your breast. This type of knot can be painless and can be anywhere near your breast, such as near the armpits.

If you find any type of knot in or around your breast, see your doctor immediately.

Abnormal changes in the nipple

You check your breast in front of the mirror. If you find abnormal changes in your nipple, the cause of which is not understood, then immediately see your doctor as it can be a symptom of breast cancer.

Skin Color of Breast

Contact your doctor soon if you feel unusual changes in the color of your breast or if your skin looks red.

Abnormal Changes in the nipple

If you find abnormal changes in your nipple, for which you do not understand any reason, then contact your doctor soon.

If your nipple is reversed or its direction is changed or it is not normally in place then it can be a symptom of getting breast cancer.

Any abnormal discharge from the nipple may also indicate breast cancer.

If the skin of your nipple is coming out, ie, crust-like, then do not ignore this symptom and see your doctor soon. It can be a minor thing or a symptom of cancer.

Breast pain

If you have abnormal pain in your breast, it can also be seen as a symptom of cancer.

Bone pain

Frequent bone pain may also indicate breast cancer.

Abnormal Skin Lesions

If there is a lesion on your skin that is not normal, that is, abnormal and the reason is also beyond your understanding, then it can be a sign of breast cancer.

Arm Pain

If you often have pain in your arm, the cause of which is not understood, then it can be a symptom of breast cancer.

Lose weight

If you are losing weight abnormally, which is not coming in your society (ie if you lose weight without exercising or without reducing the dose) then you should not be happy thinking that you are losing weight. This can be indicative of some serious disease such as breast cancer.

Measures To Prevent Breast Cancer

  • Do exercises and yoga regularly
  • Do not take excessive salt
  • Avoid excessive consumption of red meat
  • Avoid the effects of the sun’s strong rays
  • Do not smoke in large quantities and consume drugs.
  • Seek medical attention before taking continuous birth control pills.

Breast Cancer Awareness [Breast Cancer Treatment]

Breast Cancer Causes And Prevention: Keeping these in mind, the risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Apart from this, there are some other home remedies that you can avoid in your breast cancer risk by including it in your daily routine.

1. Regularly consuming black tea protects you from breast cancer. The main reason for this is the element called epigallocatechin gallate, which helps in preventing uncontrolled growth of Ture cells.

2. Green tea intake is also helpful in protecting against breast cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties found in it help prevent breast cancer from growing.

3. Too hot to drink tea can also cause breast cancer because warm temperatures increase cancer cells. In this case, drink only light hot tea.

4. Vitamin D intake is helpful in stopping the growth of cancer cells. For this, consuming milk and curd is beneficial.

5. Vitamin C also protects you from breast cancer. This prevents cancer cells from growing by strengthening your immune system.

6. Wheatgrass is also a very effective way to prevent the growth of cancer cells. It not only helps in removing harmful substances but also strengthens your immune system. Drinking its juice is beneficial.


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