As we all know Friendship Day is celebrated every year, during this time youngsters send Friendship Day wishes their old or new friends. But sometimes friendship is so deep that friends agree to do anything whether that friendship is in real life or in films.

Bollywood Best Friends List

[Friendship Day] Bollywood Best Friends Male Female

Friends have an important role in everyone’s life. We share everything in our heart with friends. There are also many celebs in Bollywood who exemplify friendship. On the occasion of Friendship Day, we are going to tell you about some such couples of Bollywood, who are good friends in real life.

Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora

Bollywood Best Friends List

The first name in this list is Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora. Both appear in every weekend with each other. Not only this, but both are also gym partners. Kareena says that Amrita Arora is an important part of her life and she can not live without sharing everything with him.

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol

Bollywood Best Friends List

People like Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol quite well. Both of them met each other for the first time on the sets of the movie Baazigar. At first, both were not so deep friends but later both became good friends. Because of good friends, both of the onscreen chemistry is so great.

Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar

Bollywood Best Friends List

Discussions of Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar’s friendship are all over the social media. The friendship of the two is so sure that Sonam had extended the date of her marriage for Swara. According to the news, Sonam’s wedding was going to be held on 12 March, but it was on this day that Swara’s brother was married, due to which Sonam put forward her wedding date on 8 May.

Deepika Padukone and Shahana Goswami

Bollywood Best Friends List

Deepika Padukone and Shahana Goswami are also good friends. Deepika and Shahana formed a friendship during the shooting of the film ‘Break Ke Baad’. During an interview, Deepika called him her best friend.

Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Best Friends List

Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif befriended during an international tour. Now Bollywood is fully aware of their friendship.

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

Bollywood Best Friends List

In Bollywood, if there is a mention of friends, then the name of Bollywood’s Dabang Khan and Mr. Perfectionist comes first. Salman Khan and Aamir Khan’s friendship is famous all over Bollywood.

Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty

Bollywood Best Friends List

Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty’s friendship is considered to be the deepest friendship in Bollywood. The friendship of both has long been a long time. Both of them have worked together in many best films like Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, Bol Bachchan and Singham.

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

Bollywood Best Friends List

The friendship of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh is also very famous in Bollywood. These friendships are often spotted together in many places. Even so, both of them have often seen each other standing together in bad times.


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