Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Bollywood Bengali Beauty Bipasha Basu is always in the headlines for her fitness. She can be considered Bollywood’s greatest fitness freak actress.

Bipasha Basu uses weightlifting, yoga, and cardio techniques to keep fit, whose effect is clearly visible on her beautiful figure. Bipasha Basu keeps photos and videos of her workout session on her social media page, let’s see some of her similar pictures and videos.

Bipasha Basu Workout Regime

Bipasha Basu is an famous model and currently one of the leading female actresses in Bollywood. She is born on 7 January 1979. The dusky beauty, 40 years old, is a fitness enthusiast who has always stressed having a fit and toned body.

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Bipasha stays away from bad habits like alcohol and smoking and follows a strict weekly workout routine that she does not skip. Such is her devotion to keeping her fit whenever she goes for an outdoor shoot, she takes her trainer.

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Bipasha Basu Body Statistics

  • Height: 1.70 m (5’ 6”)
  • Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
  • Bust: 36”
  • Waist: 28”
  • Hip: 36”

Bipasha Basu Diet Plan

Bipasha is one of the fitness frick actresses of the Bollywood industry. She often sees headlines about his fitness. Bipasha works hard to stay fit and fine. To stay fit, they also follow a good diet.

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Bipasha Eat 6-8 Times A Day

Bipasha does not use supplements. She eats a portion of food that gives whole nutrition to the body. She eats 6-8 times a day in small portions. She believes that metabolism is boosted by this.

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Meat And Green Vegetables Are Consumed

Bipasha fitness diet includes meats, green vegetables with porridge, egg, toast, and fruits. At the same time, she also takes care of the fact that her diet contains the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Bipasha Basu is totally avoiding junk food and fried food.

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Drink Lots Of Water And Juice

She does not have any water shortage in the body, so she drinks lots of water throughout the day. Apart from this, Bipasha also likes to drink fruit juices and coconut water to keep the body hydrated.

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Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

As Bipasha’s personal coach Paul Britto says, the dimpled Bengali beauty is one of the fittest female actresses in the B-town. Bipasha admitted that she was not such an exercise freak during her modeling days, but she focused on fitness training recently.

In fact, the Bollywood actress is preoccupied with not just the cardio exercises but also disciplined Yoga. She likes Yoga so much that 108 Surya Namaskar is done every day.

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Her regular 2-hour workout schedule includes a cardio-yoga combination. This helped achieve a toned figure and an increase in muscle mass.

Bengali Beauty Bipasha Workout Schedule

Bipasha obtains it single workouts every day. Hence, she tries to mix up a lot of new exercise techniques and devise a workout routine that is geared towards her goal.

  • Monday – Upper body workout
  • Tuesday – Abs workout
  • Wednesday – Lower body and legs
  • Thursday – Gluteus Maximus workout for shaping the butts
  • Friday – Upper body workout
  • Saturday – Combination of ABS and Gluteus Maximus exercises
  • Sunday – Rest

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

The cardio workouts are spaced out as follows:

  • Treadmill – 20 Minutes
  • Elliptical Trainer – 10 Minutes
  • Rowing Machine – 20 Minutes

Bipasha Basu Workout Routine

Bipasha Basu Fitness Tips

  • If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, discipline is essential. You must have a disciplined attitude to setting up an efficient exercise routine.
  • Slimming pills or diets with weight loss will not have long-term impacts, but a well-designed periodic exercise scheme will eventually demonstrate wonders.
  • Drink plenty of water as it helps make your system clean and maintain your skin healthy.
  • Instead of adhering to any type of exercise format, continue to change it according to your fitness objectives.
  • Avoid junk foods.


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