Best View Of Golden Gate Bridge At Night

Tourists from all over the world arrive in San Francisco to see the Best View Of Golden Gate Bridge At Night. Especially to see its dazzling night view. Before talking about the night scene, let us know about the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Air India flight is directly available to San Francisco from New Delhi. The flight takes almost sixteen hours which is a long journey. It is natural to feel tired in such a long journey, but when we reach the fresh cold air of San Francisco is enough to remove that fatigue. San Francisco, situated along the world’s largest the Pacific Ocean, seems more beautiful than imagined. The huge buildings and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge are astonishing. The pointed roof houses in San Francisco looks very different and attractive. The buildings are massive in height as well as in infrastructure.

Best View Of Golden Gate Bridge At Night

The Golden Gate Bridge is a 2,737-meter long bridge with a height of 227 meters. The total width of this bridge is 90 feet, of which a 6-lane highway is built in 62 feet and a walkway has been built in 10-foot. This massive bridge connects the city of San Francisco to the bay of San Francisco. This bridge is so vast that one can feel astonished by seeing its infrastructure. That is why it has been declared one of the main wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. This is a unique example of suspension bridge engineering. Since its height is very high, it seems as if you have come to a hill by passing through it. Large cargo vessels and ferries can pass under this bridge. You will be surprised to know that this bridge has the ability to withstand earthquakes of up to 8 magnitudes and stormy winds of up to 90 mph.

Best View Of Golden Gate Bridge At Night

It was completed in 4 years and opened in 1937 for traffic. Its construction work was started in the year 1933 in the month of January. Today, approximately one lakh 20 thousand vehicles pass through this bridge every day. There are hardly any bridges in the world, as many beautiful scenes are seen from this bridge as in San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. The view of this bridge from far away is shocking as it is very large in structure. This bridge painted in saffron color looks very beautiful. It is said to be the reason behind dyeing saffron color that saffron color is easily visible even in the fog. It is called Golden Bridge due to its orange color. It seems to be shining like gold in the morning and evening.

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It is said about the history of this bridge that this bridge was constructed to increase the population of the city and generate employment during the economic recession. The Golden Gate Bridge was ranked second in the list of the ten most important buildings built in the 20th century.

The night view of the Golden Gate Bridge is incomparable

Its night view is amazing. In the night, it looks dazzling with sparkling lights. Not only this, the shadow of the bridge seen in the ruddy blue Pacific Ocean looks very beautiful. The city can be considered one of the most beautiful scenes in the world amidst the glowing stars in the bridge’s backdrop. Tourists from all over the world do not miss to see its night view.


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