PM Modi with Bear Grylls – An Epic Adventure of A Lifetime

Baer Grylls with PM Modi
A scene of the program, Baer Grylls and PM Modi is moving with a hand-made Javelin.

On July 29, the survival instructor and world-famous wildlife presenter Bear Grylls tweeted a teaser of one of his upcoming new episodes, which caused a stir in India.

Actually, it is the first episode of Bear Grylls shot in India and the most important thing is that in this episode, Prime Minister Modi along with Bear Grylls seems to be doing survive in the wildlife.

PM Modi with Baer Grylls seems covering by world media.

As soon as this teaser was out, the social media in India started shakily. Some Indians applauded it, and some have taken this as sarcastic.

After this, the world’s largest media houses started covering this news. Huffingtonpost, Hollywood reporter, Telegraph, exchange4media, Koimoi, etc were the main world media houses which have covered this news.

PM Modi with Baer Grylls.
PM Modi and Baer Grylls are passing through a river.

Bear Grylls said the purpose behind this episode was to create awareness about wildlife conservation and environmental change.This episode will live on 12th August at 9 pm on the Discovery Channel.

The Twitter Conversation between PM Modi & Baer Grylls

Prime Minister Modi also thanked Bear Grylls and Discovery Channel for this short movie over twitter.

PM Modi said that “India- where you find lush green forests, diverse wildlife, beautiful mountains, and mighty rivers. Watching this program will make you want to visit different parts of India and add to the discourse of environmental conservation.”

Twitter conversation between PM Modi and Baer Grylls.
Twitter conversation between PM Modi and Baer Grylls.

Bear Grylls replied to PM Modi’s tweet and said that
“Sir, it was an honor to share an adventure with you! Let’s keep up our mission of spreading the positive message of conservation & protecting our planet.”

Bear Grylls promoting this on his twitter and again said that “The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi – leader of the world’s largest democracy. And what he shared here was mind-blowing.”

Trollers attack this event.

Trollers attack PM Modi and this movie.
Trollers attack PM Modi and this movie.

Some trollers started trolling this teaser and said that this video of Jim-Corbett shot was the same video that was shot during the Pulwama attack. However Indian media houses are silent on this.


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