All You Need to Know About Uniform Civil Code

Uniform civil code means uniform law for every citizen. It means a uniform law for every citizen whether it is of any religion or caste. It is an impartial law which is not linked to any caste or religion.

All You Need to Know About Uniform Civil Code

Why is there a need for Uniform Civil Code?

Different religions and sects of the country have different rules in matters of marriage, divorce, adoption, property, succession etc.

In such a situation, the law of the country assumes a complex form, Justice is delayed and The burden of civil matters increases on the courts.

The Uniform Civil Code began with women’s rights. The maintenance law and the triple talaq law are the examples of this.

Currently Hindu law and Muslim law are two different methods applicable in India. The two statutes have different rules that often clash with the constitution.

A law will be enacted, repealing both the applicable laws by the Uniform Civil Code. Apart from this, Christian and Zoroastrian law will also be abolished.

The system of uniform law enforcement has been called as a common civil code for every citizen of the country.

All You Need to Know About Uniform Civil Code

Why oppose against the Uniform Civil Code?

In the Constitution, Articles 29 and 30 have been arranged for the minorities for their religious customs and traditions.

According to them, they can follow their beliefs and practices and can also run educational institutions according to their religion.

In civil matters like marriage, divorce, adoption, property and inheritance, boards of different religions operate according to different laws.

Thus, the Uniform civil code has been seen as a threat by different religions. Just like triple talaq was legal in Muslim law but now it has been abolished by Supreme Court.

All You Need to Know About Uniform Civil Code

How long has the debate been going on?

The issue of the Uniform civil code has arisen since the Constitution is applied. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had tried to implement the Uniform civil code while implementing the Constitution, but they had to face heavy opposition.

Even Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar gave up the post of President of the Constituent Assembly due to this protest.


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