Alia Bhatt GYM Name: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is one of the most fitted and slim actresses. But did you know that Alia used to be chubby? She lost weight of up to 16 kg for his debut film, and today she is among Bollywood’s fittest and hit actress. Let’s know what makes the fitted toned body from a chubby girl to maintain their fitness.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Tips & Diet Plan For Brahmastra [Workout Routine & Beauty Tips]

Alia Bhatt Diet Rujuta Diwekar [Workout Routine]

Alia’s weight was 67 kg before coming to the movies, but she lost about 16 kg for her debut film ‘Student of the Year’. The special thing was that Alia lowered this weight in just 3 weeks. To stay fit, now the exercise and Yoga in the Alia Regular gym.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Routine Sadak 2

Alia Bhatt Workout Routine Vogue: Alia does cardio thrice a week, for which she takes about 45 minutes. Alia regularly goes to the gym to maintain her fitness. Alia workout routine includes running and ultimate training with cardio and weight training.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Tips & Diet Plan For Brahmastra [Workout Routine & Beauty Tips]

Kathak & Bele Dance: She loves Kathak and Bale Dance so she has added it to her fitness routine. Apart from this, they also do kickboxing and swimming to stay fit.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Secret For Inshallah

Alia says that Yoga is also an important contribution to her fitness. They do yoga every day to keep themselves fit. Ashtanga Yoga is his most favorite yoga, which she does twice a week. Apart from this, Alia also meditates so that she can keep herself relaxed and always be happy.

Alia Bhatt Workout Routine For Takht [Diet Plan]

Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips: As we all know the Alia Bhatt is a very popular actress in the bollywood industry. Alia takes worksout to keep herself fit. Let us tell you what does Alia workout routine.

Plank Exercise

Alia Plank exercises by going to the gym to keep herself fit. This exercise is the best option for a flat and toned stomach. Apart from this, it is also a good exercise for core mussels. Plank Exercise burns more calories than you are, so you stay slim. Due to this exercise your muscles of your feet, arms, stomach, and hips grip, causing your calories to burn. So this is the total body toner exercise.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Tips & Diet Plan For Brahmastra [Workout Routine & Beauty Tips]

Pilates Exercises

Alia Bhatt Workout Instagram: If Pilates exercises are routinely practiced, this increases the body’s flexibility, strength, and strength. Pilates is considered a basic cardio exercise. There are more than 600 exercises in this form. It also enhances the body’s flexibility, strength, consistency, and also helps in the development of cardiac muscles. It also helps with weight loss.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Diet Plan

Alia takes low carbohydrate and high protein diets to stay fit. Followed Alia Low-Corbus diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Apart from this, Alia eats a meal once a week

Alia Bhatt Fitness Tips & Diet Plan For Brahmastra [Workout Routine & Beauty Tips]

Alia Bhatt Diet plan

In addition to exercise, Alia also follows a special diet plan for their fit body because they believe that a better diet plan for a fit body is of great value.

Breakfast: In the morning breakfast, omelet or egg white, sandwich and many times steamed poha likes to eat. Apart from this, she takes something every 2 hours. along with she likes to drink a cup of non-sugar black coffee or tea.

Lunch: Before lunch, Alia eats papaya, orange and apple, and drink juice. After this, in the luncheon, she ate sometimes without a creamy curd, with boiled vegetable, without oil and ghee bread.

Alia Bhatt Fitness Tips & Diet Plan For Brahmastra [Workout Routine & Beauty Tips]

Dinner: Seasonal vegetable, roasted chicken, fish, lentils and one bowl of rice alia are included in the dinner diets. She takes food only about two hours before sleeping so that the food is digested properly. Apart from this, Alia avoids fried things, fast foods, and unhygienic things.

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